Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is EZ and his spaghetti sauce covered face. What a spaghetti clown.

So here's a story for you.

Like 2 months ago our sweet Ezekiel Red pooped in the tub. And of course Matt wasn't home, so I had to pull the child out of the dirtied water, clean the tub, put the child back in the tub to re-clean him, and then gross out to Matt later on about how it wasn't awesome.

Yesterday Matt worked late which left EZ and myself to have a romantic dinner together of spaghetti & a-tha-meatballs which obviously required a bath afterwards. So he's bathing... I'm checking instagram or something like that... we're listening to some bieber baby... and all of a sudden I hear the grunts of a baby about to drop a dooce. In the tub! The audacity to try it again astounded me. So I picked him right up, set his nekked little baby body on the toilet, and he pooped right in the toilet. The toilet!

And then I set him back in the bath and we finished our bathing routine.

It was awesome and much better than the other scenario. I texted Matt a picture of a tiny bum on the pot with the subtitle "Poopy tub disaster averted!!!!!" And I really meant all of those exclamation points.

Sorry about the poop story. I'm such a mommy blogger, right?

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  1. EZ Squeeze! How dare he! Good thing he is so darn cute! Good thing you got him on the toilet on time!! Mom points!