Thursday, October 18, 2012

my toes are cold on the kitchen floor

I just laid my sweet EZ Red down for bed. I love how his middle name rhymes with so many things. And maybe tomorrow I'll wrote a poem just because I like rhyming. His tummy was so full it stuck out like the buddha baby belly of yonder months. He's getting so skinny as he ages. He was around 31 inches tall at his 13 month appointment, and just two months later he's nearly 33 inches. I barely have to cuff his jeans anymore because his legs are getting so long. His grandpa David brought pizza for dinner tonight and I don't even know how all of the food fit into his small body. He ate 5 large pieces of broccoli, 1 1/2 slices of pizza, a cup of fruit, and lots of water to boot. He was probably quite food-comatose as I rocked him to sleep tonight, because he actually let me rock him. That is a rare golden nugget these days. His warm post-bath body wrapped up in a fluffy blanket lying close up with his mama bear... it's the best kind of situation to be in. And EZ Red knew it tonight. He kept his eyes open and turned his charm dial way up as he batted his eyes and rubbed my cheek. He was probably trying to say sorry for the number of times he smacked me today. He is making smacking people in the face or on the head his jam and it's not awesome. It's the opposite of awesome and I wish I knew how to stop him. But when I try to stop him and hold his arm down, the little sucker bites my knuckles and cackles like a wicked witch. Or warlock, if we're being potter-itically correct. Matt's off with some men tonight and our house still smells of pepperoni. The basement is too cold and so I've moved the laptop upstairs for the night. The kitchen has been clean for like 3 days in a row and I made some delicious lettuce wraps last night for dinner that I'm still talking about. I always get the biggest head after I cook something that Matt really enjoys. I'm not sure I've taken a single picture this month that wasn't from my phone, but that's okay because then they are easier to browse. I'm down a few more lbs as I'm tracking what goes in my body like a drill sargent. Well, probably not that intense. Maybe like the pauly shore type of drill sargent. But I don't think he was ever a sargent... maybe a major? Doesn't matter. Really, stop thinking about it. And don't google it because that's just a waste. I love my sister's short hair cut and every time I see it I like it more. We had some great work outs this week and I'm so glad we're partners. We both say "I knooooow" the same and have the same teeth. I ate a delicious gyro last Friday night, but I paid for it for like 4 days of stomach pains. What the heck, feta cheese? What did I ever do to you but love you and exclaim your greatness? I still haven't finalized halloween costumes because I can't make up my mind if I try for something off the hook cray cray or if I just go simple with stuff I've got on hand. Maybe I should go as Janet Snakehole because I could talk like her all night. How dare you?! I started watching The Voice and I've decided I like it. So that will prolly continue I s'pose. I'm not even sure I've blogged about EZ walking, but he is. And it's amazing. He is having a freakin' love affair with his walker though, so rarely gives that up to do it by himself. I have so many pictures of the walker I feel like it's my second child. All I want to do lately is read and hibernate, but I'm so tired from all of the working and cleaning and child rearing that I usually fall asleep a few minutes into a chapter. Oh, and last week EZ fell asleep in his high chair and it was the best victory. I even caught a video of it and I watch it all the time and just laugh at the poor, sleepy nut. We had spaghetti on Sunday and EZ and Guido had a full on lady and the tramp moment. Unscripted and everything. It was amazing. So Matty and I are making a very conscious effort for more time together, but I keep skipping off to be with girlfriends so turns out I'm failing at effort. And you don't want an F for effort, people. We did make our front door into a monster and it looks awesome. No, it looks AWESOME. We love it so much and now EZ knows how to roar like a monster and did it in church and we laughed. What a rebel.  We gave ourselves the hammer first in our budget talk last night and are declaring NO to spending. Srsly, NO. A big damn NO. And I say that swear word with the fury and passion of my conviction so it's worth it. I wish we didn't love swearing. Oh and you know what else I love? Pumpkin anything. Smother it on cardboard and I'd probably eat it, but especially them cookies wit da choc-O-late chips. Dem are sum gooood kooks! Leopard leggings are for winners and for petting. But not the heavy variety... at least not until lights are out. Ew, sorry. Forget I even wrote that. How barbaric. What scandal. Why are you even typing this? I mean reading this? And on that note, how about some cell phone pictures of the mvp of this blog. He's so vain, he probably thinks this blog is about him. That was clever huh? I stole it. Ripped it off someone else because I thought it was a great line and now I feel bad for stealing it so I'm confessing it. So let's still think it's clever, even if I wasn't the first person in the history of the blogdom to use it. Did I lose all credibility? I wonder if people think I copy everything I put up. Maybe I'm not even a real person and this is a money making operation. Or a robot! I'd be a good robot because I have good function buttons. Robo-boogie.

I think that's called a brain dump? 


  1. I love you. I miss you too. I think we haven't seen you in months. Can we all hang out?

    1. Immediately. Post Haste. I'll make terrible caramel apples but we'll have lots o' laughs ;)