Friday, October 5, 2012

i'm twenty seven and i like to party

I turned 27 this week and it was great. Great I say! October 3rd is a good day to be born in case any future child wants to have a sweet sauce birthday. (And  sweet baby girl Tatum Ruby of our good friends was born this week on October 3rd... so she got the memo it was a good day to come!) These three pictures basically sum up my day.... and I will now give them each an appropriate title: "oppa gangnam burrito style!"  "live laugh lovin' in my leopard pants!"  "EZ who? it's all about ME!" 

I spent a lot of time with good people at the Zoo and later that night at a Presidential Debate Party. (I am an adult, afterall. And a Republican... so... Go Mitt!)  Matt took me to gorge myself on buttered popcorn as we watched Pitch Perfect and I blissed out with happiness at the movie's greatness. Also, matinees are always the way to play it.

I'm also in the middle of some deep self-realization work. I think I'm getting a clearer picture of who I want to be for the future, and I think I'll share that on a post where I'm not dancing with a burrito in my hand. Because it's going to be classy, folks! Cuh-lass-ee.

Thanks for all the party people that celebrated with me in the flesh and online. You guys make a gal feel GOOD.

Other Blogged Birthdaysssss if you needed something else to do: 26, 25 & 25, 24, and 23. There were years prior (like 0-22ish) that aren't blogged, but do they really count?


  1. happy belated birthday you fine fox! Gimme those leopard pants, k?

  2. I love that you have a live laugh love shirt.

    1. Heidi made it for me! Because she just knows what I'd like ;)

  3. all of these pictures are so good!!!!
    i'm excited for this klasee post.
    go mitt. woot!

  4. You are my favorite girl... named Carla... who lives in Sandy... who has blonde hair... who is 27... (One time my grandma really wrote me a card like that. My grandma is either mean or funny, I'm going to say funny.)

    Happy Birthday again!!!!!! And can't wait for your classy post.

  5. ...and your reflection in the cheetah pants straight up looks like you have a sassy tail.