Thursday, October 11, 2012

a five minute post to say hey


EZ has been cutting his top molars and it's been brutal. He threw up twice in his car seat (what a son of a gun to clean) and he's just been sad. I hate when my boy is sad. 

These were taken (the day before the teething stormed into our house) when EZ was left to his own devices while I read a book. You do that too, right? Ignore your child because they are totally happy playing in the dog's water bowl and you'd like to finish one more chapter? I feel better now that we are both talking about it. 

We went to EZ's eye appointment today and the patching will continue for now. The Doc says that one day he'll probably need surgery to pull his left eye in, but for now he can see just fine and we'll just keep strengthening. I think the way his wonky eye wanders gives him more character... like a pirate or some mad-eye EZ. We embrace it like we embrace his crooked crack, with jokes & love.

Here is a very obvious example of when his eyes are fine... and when they wander. Sweet wonk!

That EZ, what a delicious little clown. 

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  1. i know someone with a similar eye thing - the patch is best! i love the drawing on it. makes it way more fun :)
    your boy is so cute. i hate it when he's sad too :(