Tuesday, September 4, 2012

little leo of who-ville

doesn't he look like he dates cindy-lou-who? like he's prolly the most popular who-ville-ite of all the who-village and he may have been the actual reason the grinch did't steal christmas after all. i mean, look at his face. he's the anti-grinch.

leo and i had an afternoon together last week while ez red was asleep. we basically made faces and laughed at each other for an hour and i was reminded how fun a 4.5 month old is. (although it seems like yesterday when he was born.) then matt and i took the 2 cousins swimming and we shouted hallelujahs that cousins exist.



  1. he is the cutest who i've ever seen.

  2. he is beautiful! i wish ike had that much hair ;)

  3. He is such a little who, and so darn adorable, holy smokes!