Tuesday, September 4, 2012

let's hear it for the girls

So I stayed up until 2 a.m. (and maybe even once until 3 a.m.) on three different nights last week. Three! I was so tired, but I survived on the fumes of good women.  You see, all three of my late nights were spent with my women. Different groups every night (totaling like 30 girls!) And even some lunches and some mornings and some internet girl-time too.  I have women and I like it! From BFFs to neighbors to cousins to sisters to old friends to blogfriends, there is a special place in my uterus heart for my women.

And girl-howdy do I feel lucky. Because not only do I have women, I have spectacularly intelligent and beautiful and hilarious women. Women who I want to stay up until 3 a.m. with and then talk again the next day. We women need sisterhoods like we need air. Like we need men. Like we need chocolate (oh the cliché chocolate joke! I couldn't stop myself from that terrible joke if I tried. So bad.) I'm f'reals when I say it's a necessity not a want.  Women just get things. And when you choose really good women, they get things even more. We talked books and celebrities, marriages and children, sex and bodies, heaven and hell, families and futures. And then we didn't talk at all because we were laughing too hard or eating too much or singing too loudly.

I want to chest breast-bump every single one of you as a thank you for being a part of my sisterhood. And for letting me be a part of yours. Thanks for being so kind and understanding and loving. Thanks for opening up to me, and not judging me when I fail. Thanks for challenging my mind and body, for your strength. Thanks for your laughter and your tears and you. Mostly thanks for you. And thanks to a Mother in Heaven who modeled us after herself. We are so lucky. We are incredible. We are helping shape each other to be better women for our world, and heaven knows we need it.


  1. consider yourself breast-bumped right on back. holla' for good lady friends!

    and 3 a.m. not one but three nights?! i salute you.

  2. ...boob-bounce...?

    thank you. honestly.