Thursday, September 20, 2012

he's gunna start a riot

Oh my sweet sauce EZ Red. 

You cross your ankles all the time. In your car seat. Your stroller. Your high chair. While reading on the floor. Always such a gentleman! You constantly point and yell for "tree!" and "woo woo woo" for dogs. You grab your head "heeay" and point at our noses. You love the shower and make the best raspberries on our wet shoulders. When you aren't in the shower with us, you stand behind the curtain and watch and play and get wet anyway. You pooped in the tub 2 days ago and could not understand why I swooped you out when clearly there were more toys with which to play. And although I'll always clean up your doodoo... let's not let that one happen again any time soon. You cruise around the house with your walker like you've been walking for months (when really it's been like a week.) You puckered your lips for a kiss the other day and thought you were so hilarious. Please pucker more you little sass. Whenever I make the fish face you lean closer so I'll kiss your nose. Apparently along the way "fish" meant "kiss" and I'm okay with that. I'll fish you any time you'd like. You read books all the time and just this morning I got home from the gym and found you and your dad in our bed and you were regaling him with stories of dogs and cake and ducks. And then you freaked out when the covers were on your legs because you were definitely not planning on going back to sleep. Last Sunday we discovered your first freckles had arrived and we celebrated! You will not be our porcelain baby for much longer. You'll be our angel kissed, our sun spotted, our freckled face little boy. Welcome to the club!  After we finished lunch today (oh how I love watching you eat! the way you chomp never gets old) I took you on a bike ride to the park and along the way you pointed out all the trees and dogs and cars and asked me over and over "what dat?" and I just want you to know that I'll always answer because you are my favorite asker of all the questions. And I'll always appreciate your hair blowing in the wind, even if it's a really awesome duck-tail mullet of epic proportions (which it is right now btw.) Sometimes you bite, and I'm afraid it's turning into a ... "thing"... which we are not stoked about. How about we work on it together. Also, when you climb up the stairs super fast so we have to chase you... that's pretty awesome. Keep doing that. 

Just a quick note to tell you it's really fun to be your mother. 

Love you ever so much, child.

{tiny freckle proof!}

And how about a video (the quality isn't great... i obv don't know what i'm doing while exporting from the iMovie. damn you, computers!) It's not fancily edited and doesn't have music or clever fades of any kind... but there is one brilliant kid, a guido dog in the background, one sort-of-stalker-sounding "i love you" from the female voice thrown in there, and a lot of interpreting what the previously mentioned brilliant kid says. There is no pressure to watch it, unless you hate cute things. Just kidding. (sort of.)

EZ 13 months old from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.


  1. he's too cute!
    those jeans!
    and he goes down the stairs so well!
    talking up a storm!
    i'm so excited!

  2. He is just too big. But still so tiny. I love him.