Sunday, September 16, 2012

getting down on the ranch: jake & emily got married!

Matt's little sister Emily was married on Friday and it was awesome. Like, super awesome. I took all of these really high quality phone pics that totally show you how great it was. (wah wah. good thing she hired a really good photographer instead of my iPhone.)  It was an all day fiesta. The ceremony was touching, Emily was gorgeous in her lace gown, Jake was his usual hilarious self, dinner was delicious with sweet toasts (and a song by daddy David!), and the Mr. and Mrs. were so happy. Oh, and let's not forget the canoeing, s'mores, dancing, bull riding (!!!), cute babies in bow ties and boots, and togetherness. Also - Heber, UT is one of the prettiest and most peaceful places in our great state.

Way to put a ring on it, Jakie!


  1. i quite enjoy your high class photos.
    ez and leo (? i think?) look way too cute and i want to just give them a good squeeze.
    you look pretty.

    1. his name is totally leo and you are invited to our next family reunion, because basically you're family. come to utah already. (they have great schools here, roeds!)