Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August 2012

Auguuuuuuuuuuuust. Why thank you, Ms. Winfrey.

Blessed summer. August was summery and wonderful and hot and awesome. We swam every week,  went hiking and biking and lagooning. EZ crawled his knees to calloused messes and never once thought about walking. He did think about talking though, and started saying awesome things (that really only his parents understand but are SO PROUD) like: dadeeee, tree (tee! while he simultaneously pointed up), and woo woo woo (doggie sounds). He slept and ate and did all of the normal things like a professional. He fell in love with looking out windows and being nekked. He went up and down and up and down the stairs. He also learned to point to our noses when we asked him "where's my nose?!"  You guys, I think he might be a genius. He knows where my NOSE IS. Have you EVER HEARD OF ANYTHING MORE BRILLIANT??

^ That's basically what our reactions are to every single thing he does. Rainbows and unicorns, baby. Rainbows and unicorns!

Oh, so we lost all of EZ's binkies so we picked up a new brand from the store and it totally gave him a binkie sore and I hate it. Haaaaate it. It marks my child's face and it is still slightly hanging around weeks later. But I also can't stop giving him his binkie because that's one of his tools to be a super excellent self soother when he goes down for naps or bed without any tears. And I'm serious... in the month of August I can count on one hand how many times he cried going to bed. He is insane in the best way.

I got serious about my diet & exercise (i thought i already was serious... but apparently not), gave up 85% of my normal sugar intake, and by golly the scale actually showed some progress. My sister and I introduced heavy weight lifting into our gym routine and it's made a lot of difference. I just feel fit. What a good feeling. Fit! Strong! Healthy! I'm trying to keep it up when all I want is a freaking donut. I also did more work from home during nap times and never quite made it to some of my fun projects. Oh! And I got eyelash extensions and feel faaaancy. And fell in love with my instagram peeps who made me feel like a million bucks. And I love my lady friends. Ladies' nights FTW.

Matt did a lot of 3D after hours in August and was constantly busy. Like, I actually missed him this month when normally I don't miss him because I'm with him so much. He watched terrible TV with me and isn't ashamed to admit he likes romcoms. His hair grew to the perfect super sexy length, he got one of his designs printed from a 3D printer, and he convinced himself that Guido was losing weight (when clearly... all signs point to no.) He was terrified when we went to the amusement park Lagoon and went on the ferris wheel. Sometimes I forget that he is petrified of heights, and then we go on the skyscraper and he is NUTS. Like I couldn't believe what came out of his mouth and how many times he told me and his brother to shut up. Petrified. It was really funny. The rest of lagoon was fun but we're getting old and we just can't take the roller coasters anymore. Oof. My stomach churns just thinking about it.

Oh! And the Thorup cousins threw Emily a little naughty bachelorette party while the boys initiated Jake to the man clan with some fun as we all got prepped for their September wedding. Their faces were so red from embarrassment.

I love this kid \/ Sigh.

There was happy news of new tiny babies, sad news about family & friends, lots of wet kisses from the sweetest 1 year old, a bountiful sum of waffles consumed, and all the in between blessed normal stuff.

And I'll leave August with this lovely video. Like ketchup and french fries, MFEO.


  1. can i be in love with your love? but really. you guys are the cutest couple alive carla.

    1. i just love when people love love and love me. so yes? ;)

  2. you really are the cutest/coolest. and all i wanted to do was hear your voices but the video's not working for me. way to break my heart.

    1. i think of all people, you'd appreciate the video. click on the link and go to vimeo or something! work it out, brissa. when i post a video it's like, sort of a BIG DEAL. (of course i'm being cheeky and it's really a very silly vid anyway. but thanks for caring. 'preciate.)