Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9 grandkids

we had our 4th annual family gathering in Park City last weekend. my siblings, our kids, and mother danell. compared to 2 years ago we've grown quite a bit (both with children... and in our waist lines as well...) we always snap some group shots so we can remember how cute the kids are each year. they all get along so well and it's so important for cousins to hang out. i'm so glad ez has cousins. we ate a lot of chicken, played and played and played, stayed up late chatting it up after the kiddies went to sleep, and tried to keep the chorus of crying babies quiet during night time. on that note... co-sleeping? how does anyone even do that successfully? snuggin' my baby boy is great, but sleeping next to him when we actually want to sleep? no thankya.

he obbbbiouslyyyyy feels the same way.

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  1. ooo so fun and i can't wait until we have photos like this! love it.

    and you and him- too much.