Saturday, August 4, 2012

pink light

we spent last night in the wilderness of payson, utah. the sun bid us adieu with a pink sunset while we canoed on a glass lake. it was gorgeous.  we almost called it quits 2 different times and bailed on our camping party because of a boy named ezekiel... but we didn't.  there is something to be said about enduring.

matt and i chatted on the drive up and down (and then later in the tent after we put the babe down) about funks. our marriage and life-with-child feel so solid right now, but boy we are feeling super funky about the other stuff. money (debt), career paths, health, house stuff, productivity. we keep making plans that (too quickly) get derailed or delayed. we are working hard and not seeing very many results.  at the beginning of july it seemed we had made progress, and by the end of july we really hadn't. super frustrating.

but like i said, there is something to be said about enduring. so we will continue on our way, and with some hard work and maybe a few more pink sunsets (plus some strokes of good luck,) we will eventually come out on top. and if not, at least we can still make-out with each other.


  1. I love that pretty pink light and your outdoor adventures. I totally understand the debt/life decision/ falling behind dilema. I swear anytime we make one step forward we fall two steps back. Oh life...

    1. srsly. always one forward two back! oy.

  2. There is something to be said about enduring.... even though sometimes that seems to be the only thing we're doing.

  3. the dreamiest light.
    sorry about the funks. i hate the funks. say no to funks.

  4. Thanks for sharing your enduring. It's not easy to say that things aren't perfect but I'm going to keep going. Beautiful pictures.

  5. i always love your blog carla. your pictures, your writing, your honesty, your humor. everything.