Thursday, August 2, 2012

my sister's backyard is better than yours

We have a family dinner once a month with either my dad + Kim or my mom, plus all of my siblings and our kids. It keeps getting crazier as the kids get older, but it's almost always a good time. Especially when Melina and Spencer host because their backyard is like kid heaven. Tramp, swings, slide, b-ball hoop, shade all evening... it's pretty cush. We gave EZ his own chocolate cake (but I totally copped out and did greek yogurt instead of frosting... because I can do what I want as his mother), and we celebrated Noelle's b-day as well. Happy birthdays!

The best part of the evening was EZ attempting to climb that slide. He tried to climb it (and that was as far up as he got ^) for the majority of the evening. That kid has determination.

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