Sunday, August 19, 2012

June & July 2012

Summer wizzed by.

June June June.  During the month of June I ran a half marathon, Matt and I each went camping with our church groups, and EZ belly-army crawled all month long until he stayed with his Grandma DaNell... where she basically forced him to knee crawl a few days before he turned 11 months old. Immediately after he learned to crawl, he started pulling himself up to standing and walking along ledges. July is when he got really fast and started getting into everything. It's was awesome.

EZ got his 4th bottom tooth in June making his grand total 8. We had a lot of parties with family (my dad's surprise b-day party and a party with my mom where she made super hero capes & princess or cowboy costumes for all of her grandkids. That lady is superwoman.) We went swimming a lot, ate popsicles & occasionally shared them with our dog, spent a lot of time with cousins, and EZ climbed up the stairs (but didn't learn down until July.)

July started off with one helluva sickness for EZ, where he had a fever for days, threw up a few times, and had buckets of snot for waaaayyy too long.  Matt got it a few days later, and I picked up the cold and the snot a bit too. I also decided it was time to wean from breastfeeding, and we had one of the most touching moments as mother & son. It was emotional to wean, but because he was biting so much (holy hannah ouch for the love of all that is holy) & it felt natural to switch him to bottle only- we did it. Three weeks later my milk was gone and EZ was just fine. I loved breastfeeding. I'm so glad to have done it and am thankful it worked for us. The sweetest.

We helped paint our best friend's house, EZ slept anywhere I asked him to (except church), and my (previously mentioned superwoman) mother helped organize my house to be more EZ friendly (and just cleaner... because I'm not very good at that.) It's helped sanity at home. We got Ezekiel's eyes checked and found that they wander a bit, and we introduced him to eye patches. Dress up will never be the same. EZ tried ice cream and m&ms and birthday cake, but still ate his regular food like a skilled professional. He loves any fruit (and now eats a banana like a monkey), eggs (that I usually mix with veggies and he doesn't even know because he's a sucker!), and loves the spinach/fruit green smoothies. Oh, and mac n' cheese of the homemade variety. And he looks SO CUTE while drinking from a straw. He often wore my headband around the house, was completely obsessed with balloons, Guido, and Guido's food bowl. He tried dog food once or twice, but decided it was gross and stopped eating it. (At least he learned!) By the end of July he was (mostly) going downstairs by himself, including the "turn around" at the top. He turned 1 year old and is still the best.

I invested in an air-compressor paint sprayer and turned our garage into a huge paint-spraying workshop where I started and finished projects during nap time. I took a less scheduled approach to my mornings at the gym and tried parting my hair in a new spot. I also finally bought some colored pants and got everyone in the family some corduroys. I did some sewing, did not keep my house very clean, and left EZ's 1st birthday party decorations up for 2 straight weeks.

Matt spent time doing 3D (did you check out his viking?) and made 3 baby announcements. He got a new haircut, and then decided to shave his beard for a while. He also updated his website and got his official business name (The Redbeard) registered and legal (ironic since he just shaved.) He worked hard all month, didn't bathe the dog enough, and snuck a sip of Dr. Pepper to his son. He made EZ a great birthday card and was a doting father and husband. He also danced in the street during fireworks yelling "Sparkler King! Sparkler Queen" with me, and stayed up late chatting about random things with our neighbors. (Including an awesome story about when he was in a play in grade school... "you must have really drawn the crowd in!" HA.)

Guido hangs out with us all the time and is still a good dog. And photo-bombs SO many of my pictures.

Matt and I stayed up late watching the olympics for 2 straight weeks (we installed an antenna to watch Mr. Phelps!) We also hired a babysitter a few times and basically fell in love all month. Something about having a 1 year old made us extra lovey. (Note: not because we want another baby right now... although it's tempting because they are so cute and little. And squishy.)

We decided we never want a child in the olympics because we are not that dedicated to training schedules and don't want to be filmed as nervous wrecks on T.V.

And I think that about covers it.


  1. you guys.
    so great.
    what color were your jeans?

    1. i have red wine color, and an orange/red corduroy. and ez has lime green cords! and matt got some brown ones!

  2. Love your monthly updates. It fills in blanks that blogs are often missing. :)

    And I hope (someday) you have a little girl! I can't imagine the cuteness of an EZ and a girl together.