Wednesday, August 15, 2012

good thing it's attached to my hand

iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! The word obsessed would be a huge understatement. HUGE. 

I know I shouldn't love an inanimate object this much... but maybe it's not inanimate because of how much happiness it holds. I've long since stopped thinking of it as "just a phone camera."

I take nekked baby pictures and birthday candle pictures, and good food and snuggles and muggles, and shutes and boots and m&m sneaks. New bambinos (Van! Porter! I love my new baby nephews.) The zoo, swimming and friends with shenanigans too. Sour lemon faces and dog sitting and baby mama hiking and baby refereeing under a sky of balloons. 

Oh, La Sexita III, bless you. (that's the name of my phone. what's yours?)


  1. holy fire cake!!

    and that lemon sequence gets me every. time.

  2. oh no! i dont have a name!
    what did our parents do without iphones? be bad parents, thats what.

    1. you don't have a name!? it just says "iPhone" when you connect it to your computer? Come oooooon.

      i'm so glad we're better than our parents (hardy har har)