Monday, July 2, 2012

rac is having a baby!

Ashley and I threw our best girl Rachel a dinner party baby shower last week and it was so pretty. She's having one of EZ's future BFFs in August and we are so excited she's going to be a mama!! Seriously, I get weepy thinking about how happy I am. Probably more weepy than she's been this whole pregnancy ;) It's one of those things that makes our friendship work so well.

The Menu included:: BBQ Chicken, baked mac n' cheese, sweet corn, watermelon, banana muffins, and cheesecake with lime sherbet & raspberries for dessert. It was finger lickin' good (if you'll allow me to brag.) Actually, why don't I continue bragging about how Ashley and I prepped for the party so well that all of the food was done at the same time, the dessert took a total of 3 minutes to prep & serve, and we all sat down and ate together at the same time. It was very impressive. (Pinterest can take some of the credit... like always. Pre-scooped ice cream for the win!)  It also felt really social & intimate. And it just felt so Rachel that we knew she'd love it (and she did.)

We love our sweet Rac so much. We've been friends going on 14+ years and it's so great. She and Jason are going to be coco-nutty good parents and I'm so glad we get front row seats (in the splash section!) We are lucky to call her our best friend. I know this picture of us three is a bit blurry... but I still love it.

Ash, Rac, Carla
((Tangent:: I went on my own 4th year hike 12 years ago with Ash and Rac -- we three (plus our 2 leaders) wore matching tree pants and talked about boys! It was awesome. And we're still friends today...which is basically more awesome. I thought about that when I was a leader on the 4th year hike last week. How random. End tangent.))

{shout out to my sis-in-law Megan who provided the majority of the decorations. thanks for being so classy and generous! and crazy when planning for weddings ;) just kidding... sort of.}

Holler for a Baby!


  1. Megan's talents are the gifts that keep on giving! :) Everything looked beautiful, Carla!

    1. thanks! and thanks for having a wedding so i could borrow the stuff! ;)

  2. Well done, well done, it all looks so beautiful. yay for babies!