Tuesday, July 3, 2012

May 2012

yeah... May was so long ago.

but i forgot to do a little recap, so for my ocd-blogging-sake i'm doing one today. and my caps and grammar are all over the place.

basically may was split into 3 sections. pre-zion. zion. and post-zion.


ez grew up and started army crawling. i celebrated my first mother's day with our wee family. we started getting shaved ice early on in the month... like opening day. ez's teeth came in very quickly and he started thinking it was funny to bite while nursing. it wasn't. we did a cousin photo shoot with both leo (thorup side) and sierra (my side) because those are the two babes closest to ez's age. and then later with ez's second cousin, wally, who is only 4 days older than him! we love cousins so much.  even if they make him feel self-conscious and bald. ez got his first fever (not cool) and was sick for a few days. matt and i probably did a lot of cool stuff too, but i don't remember it anymore. but trust me, it was cool.


(i've already posted a lot of pictures about our zion trip with the thorup family, but there are still more! and i can't resist because it was such a great trip.)

we probably stared at the babies more than nature, david and carole looooove their grandbabies so much (it's really sweet), ez liked the hiking back-pack, leo was so little he stayed snugg'd with his mom most of the trip, matt and his 3 brothers act like idiots when they're together, ez loved drinking out of the camel back as often as possible, not only did we hike a lot- but we watched the annular eclipse and grumpa david made sure we all had solar viewers and camera ready lenses and a tent to protect us from the sun (he's really into eclipses (but not the twilight variety.))


this post is so long that i can't even function to tell you what happened the 2nd half of May. i bet it was good though. real good. (this is why i should write recaps immediately. i forget faster than... well, i already forgot the than what. see... that's how fast.)

next up, June. if i'm in the mood... because sheeeeeeeesh.

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