Friday, July 20, 2012

juuuuust write.

so i basically can only post pictures lately.

i keep telling myself i should write... because i like it better when i have something to say along with the bajillion photos i post.

but it's just not happening. so i'm not forcing it.

but i can tell you that my mom has been helping me organize my house. it's reeeeeeally helpful and i almost feel like i'm on top of things again. we've weaned and it's been... interesting. matt has been working like a dog on some new 3D techniques, and it's making us bark too much. (get it... a dog joke! hilarious! speaking of...) guido is losing weight because of diet dog food and the neighbor dog sneaks over and wrestles him during the day. i am so dern grateful for girlfriends. seriously, girlfriends! ez has been very... bowel-y lately. (you know, poop.) it's weird. every time we try to go swimming lately it's stormy out, and it's a bummer. but then again, we like-a the moisture. ez now says "hai." i made apricot fruit leather and it's delicious. we are seeing batman tomorrow (stoked!) and ez thinks it's very funny when we wear this mask. especially with a zebra-striped cape. maybe batman could take some fashion tips?

and that's what i have for you this fine day.

happy friday. don't be so serious or anything.
(na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na batman!)


  1. i don't know why they didn't cast ez as batman?
    hasn't this summer been weird? hot but rainy on the days you want to be outside most. i'm going to see batman tonight. i'll let you know if i cry.

  2. EZ! BATMAN!
    ha- he's been bowel-y.
    email me about weaning, k?