Friday, July 27, 2012


He loves grapes so much that I thought about making a birthday cake of grapes for him. (logistically this would be a nightmare as grapes are round and aren't prone to stacking.)  Matt, however, declared that idea unacceptable! Fruit does not belong on a cake! Don't be crazy, woman! So EZ will have actual cake with frosting for his first birthday. And soon 'cause he's turning one year old this Sunday. LIKE A BOSS.


  1. umm... what about strawberry cake??! or pineapple upside down cake?! fruit CAN be on cake! i say go for it! bake a cake and then maybe decorate it with grapes?? haha interesting...

  2. i swear he has dramatically grown up in the last two weeks or so. his little round face isn't so round and he looks more and more like his papa! what a cute guy!

  3. OH MY GOSH!! We have the same birthday. I feel infinitely cooler now. Can't wait to see his cake... ;)