Sunday, July 1, 2012

girl's camp is a party

I spent 4 days with all mah girls last week. It's always a party in the 1st ward! Opa! I went on the 15 mile over-night hike with the fourth year girls wherein we wore matching headbands and did lots of wiggling ;) swag, swag, swag.  Back at camp we wore matching shirts, pulled plenty 'o pranks, crafted up a storm, and basically never stopped eating. Also had an abundance of time to reflect upon God, his beautiful world, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. His spirit & love is so strong surrounded by trees and stars. 

While I was up in the mountains having excellent girl time, Matt was down in southern Utah with his boys (the 16-18 year old boys in our ward) at Zion National Park. They spent 3 days hiking and swimming and having their own manly spiritual experiences. I do not, however, have any pictorial evidence. But the tales I've heard sound like it was one of the best Zion Ninja camps yet.

EZ was with grandparents (thanks guys!) and cousins having mostly a good time, until he got sick and cranky. Oh that sick, cranky baby! Good thing he's cute.

The house is a disaster zone. We had a terrifying spider experience right before we left, and then ants came marching right into our house while we were gone. Bugs! Just the worst. I feel like the house is covered in a cloud of dust and we'd be labeled as the dirty kids in the class if anyone came over. Please, no one come over this week. I won't invite you in. Don't make me do that to you. I'd just feel bad.

Unless you have a bucket & mop and a desire to clean my casa. Come right over!


  1. You would be the best YW leader ever.

    1. Well that's very nice of you to say!

  2. the spirit reaches such high levels of beauty and intensity at girls camp. i hope i get to go someday as an adult, because i surely did not take enough advantage when i was a moody teenager.

  3. oh i love girls camp! i unfortunately cannot go with my girls this year! :(

  4. Oh girls camp, why did I hate it so much? Probably because I despise camping, but way to go for going on the fourth year hike again. Was it really 12 years ago when we did that hike? Craziness!