Monday, July 9, 2012

baby proportions are funny

"and...and...and... the balloon went over there and it fell and gweeeeeedo got it."

this is the face he'll make when he actually tells me these sweet, factual, pointless-to-anyone-but-me types of stories. because that's what he was saying in this photo... just not so much with words.

a few weeks away from one year old and since he's mostly recovered from being sick, he's decided to be a big kid now.  just like that, without even calling a family meeting. this kid's audacity impresses me daily.


  1. ha ha! "without even calling a family meeting"... i like that.

    and i love it when babies tell stories!

  2. "just not so much with words." okay. good. because i was like. BACK UP! EZ CAN FORM COMPLETE SENTENCES?!!?!!!! you've got a genius on your hands.

  3. I sure like this little kid.

  4. he's almost one?! wasn't he just in your belly?!

    p.s. i was thinking about you all weekend in slc being pregnant during our girls trip. it was so hot and we walked all over! you were such a trooper. i other hand a year later and a few months less pregnant than you complained complained complained. that heat and walking was no bueno for me.

    p.s.s i wish we could've gotten together! next time eh? better yet, maybe we'll just move there? :)

    1. i wasn't a trooper... i just couldn't complain to my new friends because i didn't want to look lame. (now that we're old friends, i'd be all over that complaining business.)

      yeah, just move here. that sounds better.