Tuesday, July 24, 2012

another cousin

so my little brother Mark went and got his wife Cassie pregnant and they are having a baby boy sometime in the next few weeks. we are STOKED. it sort of feels like babies having babies... but i think that's just because he's my baby brother and he'll always be too young to do stuff. (like you know, have a wife.)

too bad they went and moved to Kansas so we won't actually get to snug their new baby. sad face.

c'mon big boy! come down and show off your cute face.


  1. Holy crap, babies having babies for sure. I can't believe your brother is married, let alone having a child! And what in the world are they doing in Kansas. I've never been, but I have a feeling it's oddly similar to Oklahoma, in which case, I'm sure they're having the time of their lives!

    1. Mark got a job after he graduated working for a tractor company as an engineer... so they moved! They love it so far (although it is difficult being away from family.) I've never been to OK or KS ... maybe we should make a trip.