Monday, June 18, 2012

a zoo day for some fathers

Matt and his brother, Brady, are both first time fathers this year, so Megan and I decided to let them loose at the zoo to celebrate father's day. And they liked it. (Even with the rest of Utah celebrating with us... it was a busy Saturday at the zoo!)

They stood in front of each animal and discussed all aspects of the species (oh how they love to discuss!) They spent like 20+ minutes in the reptile house. They lingered at the giraffes. And the polar bear! That polar bear had us all excited about life. What a spunky boy! EZ mostly enjoyed himself (even after he got sunscreen in his eye), and baby Leo went from cute, to insanely cute, to down right edible.

These guys. Such great dads. Happy 1st Father's Day you crazy dudes!

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  1. Cute babes and cute dads! I love Hogle Zoo. I haven't been there in years. I think I need to make a return!