Friday, June 1, 2012

we've been having fun

It's Friday, party people! And it's been so fun this week that it's like the weekend is an extension to the fiesta we've been having all week. Actually, it's been a fun month. And now we're in June and I bet it's going to be a party as well! And busy busy since we have most weekends booked with some activity or trip.

We have the pass of all passes, or PoaP if you're cool, which means we have free entry to a variety of events in Utah, and we've been taking advantage. We went to a BYU soccer game a month ago (when it was still cold), and then this week we went to the Real Salt Lake game (bummer they lost, but the earplugs helped with the loud noises), and then we hit up Seven Peaks yesterday because we can't help ourselves!

On Wednesday night when I was putting EZ down to sleep, he told me (with his psychic powers) that he was going to be super awesome all day Thursday and to recognize his powers at work. And boy howdy was he awesome. I'm weaning him from his early morning feeding (5:30 am to be exact.) I've needed to "empty" before my runs for the past few months, so I've kept it up so I can have a better work out. But now that my race is next week, and he's 10 months old and really doesn't need it, we are working on letting it go. And so when he went to sleep Wednesday, he decided he'd soundly sleep from 8:30-8:30. Now he's done this before, but Thursday  morning it was glorious. Oh how rested our house was! And then he rolled & army crawled around the house like it was his job to mop all the floors. When it was nap time he napped so hard and so long that I did almost all the laundry, and even had time to peruse the all mighty pinterest where I decided to clean my mattress. I'm not sure I've ever cleaned my mattress (is that gross? I'm not even sure), but now I have! The whole bedroom got deep cleaned, even!

And in between naps we did our usual thang and read some books and rolled around, and suddenly decided to do a nu thang wherein I got him nekked and we played with a bowl of water outside! Like his own personal pool! Where he didn't really fit because he's so squishy and huge (but that basically made it more awesome.)

Then he crashed hard and slept in my arms like the cutest little cherub.

And then to top the awesome off, I spur-of-the-moment picked Matthew up from work and we went to the Seven Peaks water park and spent just over an hour having a freaking blast. No lines, perfect temperature, EZ keeled over in laughter at the wave pool, and Matt and I took turns going on some slides (scary!)

And we even came prepared with his jim-jams so he'd be ready for bed the minute we got home. Like I said, he'd prepped us for awesome all day.

And now to the pictures which most people want! What are all of these words doing here, anyway?

OH. And there may have been a perfectly orchestrated master plan to ensure 16 tickets to JUSTIN BIEBER were purchased this week. January 5th is going to fulfill a lot of dreams in Salt Lake!!


  1. ooh that EZ sure is squeezie.

    sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Yo yo I have the poaP too! Race you down Raging Waters some times? You're on

    1. bring it. (but i'm sort of a chicken... so i'll need to be pressured into it.)

    2. That's perfect! I'm so good at peer pressure.

      PS. The blondie in the top picture: I saw her at a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and we starred at each other and told each other that we both look familiar and tried for a couple of minutes to figure out how we know each other. And then I see her again in your picture! It's kind of a Chinese torture.

    3. that's my heather! and how weird.

  3. Flippin adopt me already! That day sounds far too good and like an actual dream!