Monday, June 25, 2012

oh, heyyyyy

i keep thinking it's going to get less busy, but it's not.

last week... we painted my bff's house for hours, threw that same bff a delightfully pretty baby shower, worked full time for 3 days during a work audit, had a spaghetti squash blow-up in my oven, cleaned my oven, went swimming a few times to beat the heat, cooked a lot, shopped some, didn't sleep enough, didn't check any blogs (hello, full google reader), finished 1 book, went to book club, started and finished another book, had a movie marathon and dated my husband twice, contemplated weaning from breastfeeding because i have a biter (ow), and started planning for a weekend of camping.

and i still have some other stuff i want to blog about from previous weeks.

how about a cute picture of zekey boy wherein he gets on his knees to chew on the glass coffee table. (it makes the worst noise.) i fear we may have a biter on our hands.

also pictured: ez's favorite balloon string (that balloon + string has provided hours and hours of entertainment) and the guido dog who always finds his way into photos and vids.

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