Sunday, June 3, 2012

hiking emerald pools

While in Zion National Park a few weeks back, Matt and I took EZ on a hike up Emerald Pools (without the rest of the fam.) We were only gone a few hours, but it was a sweet time for our wee family of three.

Matt and I have gone to Zion's so many times in our relationship, and every time we leave with the best memories. Seriously... that place breeds good times.

We did Emerald Pools this year because I think Matt would have died if we tried Angel's Landing. Remember when I did that last year pregnant and Matt almost keeled over out of nervous fear? He would NOT do well carrying his child up a cliff. We kept it simple for our first year with baby. Maybe we'll get more daring next time.


  1. i cannot get over how adorable your family is.

  2. i need to go back to that pretty place.

  3. When you said you were going to Zion I thought you were being funny and just calling Utah in general that, for some reason... this looks like a way funner time than a Zion joke!