Monday, June 11, 2012

good job, fours.

I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon over the weekend, and if you're an instagram or facebook friend... this is repeat info. But I have to blog about it to complete the trifecta of social networking. It's science.

So Tim Riggins was all like, ok fours, listen up. We're gunna make some memories today. No regrets. Running forever.

Thank goodness I really didn't have to run forever. That'd be terrible. But seriously, I got a great bib number.
Way back in 2009 Matt and I ran 2 half marathons together, and since I knew I needed some motivation to get back in the swing 'o things after birthing a child... I signed up for a race this year. I asked Matt not to run it with me so I could have him & that 10 month 10 day old son of mine on the side lines reminding me how far I'd come since his c-section delivery last year. And I totally cried when I saw them right before mile 9. I was so happy to see their smiling faces. And Matt got all choked up with pride saying "let's go fours! that's my wife!" Sweet sweet sweet.

My mom was also there cheering me on, and my sister ran almost 2 miles with me! And they were the hard miles... 10 and 11 are hard miles. I thought because I'd been training and prepping for 5 + months that it'd be easier to run 13.1 again... but it wasn't. It was still hard. And I'm so glad Melina was there to run those 2 miles with me. Her triathlon is this coming Saturday, so I hope to return the favor!

Just about to start//4:44 am is so very early to be riding a bus to the starting line//my 2 biggest fans watch me cross the finish//hallelujah, it's over! chocolate milk and oranges for all!

My finishing time was 2:26:13... which makes me three for three with that time. Weird, right?? I'm three for three with a 2 hours & 26 minute finishing time, so if I were a betting girl... I'd go ahead and say that I'm a 2 hour and 26 minute half marathon runner. It doesn't matter that I train at a 2:10 finishing time and feel super awesome while training (I did a 10 miler in 1:40 and was pumped!) Oh well. Time actually doesn't matter to me too much (and hey, at least I'm consistent!), I'm just stoked I did it and that it's over.  And my recovery has been super awesome. I'm not hobbling, I'm not too sore, I didn't take any pain meds after... so all that training is paying off in other ways than my time.

After the race we went to Seven Peaks to swim and EZ was so cute I took this picture.

The End.


  1. i like that tim rigging was mentioned in this post. he's the best kind of coach. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! i just can't run. i don't know how to do it and not die. or boredom or fatigue. and let's not even talk about how sweet it is that matt cheered you on, calling your fours, being so proud.

  2. Carla, can I say I'm proud of you? I know that sounds so cheesy, but it's true! I'm so motivated to want to start working out now. I've got to wait awhile, but I can't wait until that day!

    Go you! Do you have plans for a full?

    p.s. way weird that this is third round for your time.

    1. slow and steady, you'll get back into the swing of working out after el bebe (!! baby!!) and no plans for a full! that sounds way too hard. half marathons are hard, but not cray cray hard.

  3. Way to go Carla!! You are so incredible!!

  4. CARRRRRRRRRRRLA! You are amazing! GO! GO! GO!

    "Tim Riggins was all...." HAHAHAHA.

  5. I love this, I can't wait to do another least, I think I want to do one...

  6. my sister in law ran the full and said the first 13 miles were so tough due to head wind. did you have to deal with that? if so, consider yourself a full marathon runner. head winds stink esp. coming out of provo canyon. your blog is so so so cute. and that baby! darling!

    1. yea... there was totally headwind down the canyon so it made the downhill slope advantage feel non-existent. flippin' wind!

      and gracias for the compliments. that's kind of ya.

  7. I'm so proud of you and your boobs! There's so much awesomeness in this post - you, your family, your sweet sister, your number, your time, you're accomplishment... all of it!