Wednesday, June 6, 2012

army crawling

EZ was on one tonight. From 4 o'clock until bedtime, he was extra hilarious.  Launching himself over armrests trying to flip. Laughing hysterically at Guido's kisses. Chomping watermelon like he was being paid. And after dinner, he was army crawling/scooting/rolling around the kitchen, when he yelled "dada!' and Matt answered "EZ!" from the bathroom. Now, the bathroom is around the corner, slightly down the hall from the kitchen. EZ immediately yelled "dada" again, waited for Matt to answer with "EZ" and then booked it in his direction. From the tile to the wood, over the hallway baby gate bar, he straight-leg'd army crawled to his dad. It was SO AWESOME. He is such a person!

And then he bit my nose, scream-sang on our walk, and fell asleep cuddled in my arms right on schedule.

This kid really knows how to work it.


  1. oh my precious and perfect. awesome description of motherhood.

  2. Girl, you make motherhood look and sound SO GOOD! I seriously can't wait for this babe to be out of me and an in my arms. :)

  3. He's a total person! A baby with bear ears is my major weakness. Gimme that wee person so I can bite his nose!