Tuesday, May 22, 2012

zion, party of 12

We had the best weekend in southern Utah at Zion National Park. I think I say that after every year, but it's gospel truth this time. There were babies!  Jake + Emily (Matt's baby sister) got engaged! Grumpa David threw an eclipse party! Not to mention our rental house, the swimming pool, the hiking, the weather, the food... it was off the hook.

I made everyone take pictures after the eclipse because the light in the desert was in.cred.i.ble. I hope you dragged that word out to it's full 4 syllable potential. Saying 'I love them' almost feels like an understatement.

So many good times. I may even do 10 posts about it just because I can. And you better believe there will be too many exclamation points.


  1. oooh i cried that we didn't go. looks like you guys had a blast, at least someone enjoyed the eclipse!

  2. Oh my gosh, such energy in these print-worthy photos! So glad you had a great time out there!

  3. blog friends! could it be real?! i feel like we should've been friends a long time ago. robin loves you. and i love robin. and your name floats all over my instagram feed. let's just come clean about it, already!

  4. yay! aubry, carla. carla, aubry.

    also, i have been reading your blog for way too long in google reader, because, hello! new blog header! i love it!

    also, yes, visit harry potter land and then COME TO MY HOUSE! do it do it do it!!!