Friday, May 11, 2012

best of facetime

Remember that one time when Matt lived in Seattle for 7 months? Well after he came home I thought maybe I should do a "best of facetime" post because we had all these cell phone snap shots from our many many hours facetiming each other.

And then I never did it.

Until today.

Because when I look back on our life (er... this blog...), I would like to remember face-timing with Matticus. And I'm so grateful it existed when we were miles away. There was a lot of happy. of sad. of ugly. of silly. of guido. of precious. of pregnancy. of yo-yo skills. of beard.

(Matt heard EZ's heartbeat for the first time on that bottom left picture! I was 20 weeks along in that bottom right! And I like how in most of them Matt's hair takes up most of the screen... maybe he should grow that beard back?)


  1. matt has a really good face for a beard. lucky girl!
    you are so beautiful! and that picture of guido is darling. i'm such a sucker for puppy pics.

  2. Love. Can you believe it's already been a year?

  3. i love this post. facetime is the best time. except for real time. that's even better.

  4. I love this! that beard is wicked.

  5. i get achey on the inside when people say things like they had to be apart from their spouse for 7 months. you are wonder woman for doing that while pregnant! way to go, you! u guyz got fab-uh-luz facetime faces.