Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 2012

Between Easter, our anniversary, and baby Leo showing up... April was a great month. Tony the Tiger might even say Grrrrrrrrrrreat if he were in the building. Which he's probably not since Matt finished off the frosted flakes.Wah wah.

EZ loves food. He'll eat anything we put in front of him, and this month he cut 3 top teeth (with a 4th on the way.) There were a few rough nights while they were breaking thru, but we just doped him up on meds and he was just fine.  Drugs! ;) He now "crunches" pretzels and chomps all food. He especially loves scrambled eggs, beans, mangoes, and banana carrot muffins.  He still rolls everywhere and by the end of the month (when he turned 9 months old) he started figuring out army crawling.  Lots of very exciting stuff around our house.  He doesn't like his bare feet touching grass (unless he's distracted enough), he loved his swim class (the one where Matt pulled hero), and kitchen sink baths were all the rage! He visited Grumpa Dr. David at work and got a ride on the chair. (Funny story... my very first date was partly spent in that office... and Matt took my best friend while I went with one of his friends. And it was a very impressive date. Think... Indiana Jones. Good times.)

Matt was a runner-up in a 3D art contest and won a 3D print of his monster pug design. And he did it while looking hot! Way to go, Matty.  He worked per usual, continued to excel at papa-hood, and watched netflix & tv shows (hello, New Girl, Happy Endings, and Parks & Rec) with me on our laptop (since we cancelled television & tivo.) I did a lot of exercise & running, with 7-8 mile runs every weekend. I cooked more this month, spent the majority of my time hanging with big EZ (including a hike where we saw a rattle snake!), and continued my reading streak with 2 (or was it 3?) books.
We also had lots of family & friend time and really appreciated the gorgeous Utah weather. Spring! Walks! Parks! Soccer games! BBQ! Picnic! Sun! Exclamation points! Stop with the exclamation points!

Part of me wonders if April can be beat... because it was pretty awesome.

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  1. I love! your baby! he's so! adorable!
    sounds like April rocked. sorry tony the tiger left the building. that's a real drag.