Monday, April 30, 2012

two hundy thousand!

We had 15 miles to spare on Saturday night before the 9's made way for the 0's (five of them!) on the turtle wagon. We were only 4 miles away from our house and not sure what to do.

Matt chose a route that he thought would make our destination a party... and he totally won. Up to the mountains, down a winding road... all the while counting down the miles. 14! 12! 10! only 5 more!

When it got to 199998 I watched. I leaned over into Matt's space as we watched it turn to 199999... and then, I kid you not, as we pulled into the McDonald's parking lot it switched to 200,000! We cheered! We high-fived! It was way more exciting than we thought it would be! (And it's also sort of one of those "you had to be there moments" probably.)

The woman at Micky D's cheered with us and leaned over into the van to see the zeros while yelling "I'm a witness! I'm a witness" and giving us both knuckles. We loved her.

That coke & apple pie tasted victorious.

Thanks for the excitment, turtle van! Hope there's many more exciting miles to come. (But seriously, keep working.)


  1. but seriously, keep working.
    have you seen how i met your mother? they have a similar situation with marshall's car earning its mileage. i think you would appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for your comments. You make me laugh. :) And we can totally do cheesecake! Oh and I'm here every post, but commenting on my phone is so lame. It never works! So I stopped... Good thing we bought an iPad.

    Love love love that you celebrated 200k at McDonalds! I can't think of a better way. Here's to old cars that keep working! (heaven help us if they don't!)