Thursday, April 5, 2012

t-shirt deconstructed (and then reconstructed)

Matt has a lot of T-shirts that have become too small for him (my main squeeze may not be a size M anymore because he's turned into a Man.) So I threw my thang down, flipped it, and reversed it (not really, it wasn't that complex... I was just saying lyrics to a song for any old person out there that didn't get it) and made it small enough for EZ to wear. And I have to say... he looks really great in it.

This picture was taken last October when the shirt still fit Matt and EZ was just a chubby ball of baby. Oh what a squish!
 And here is my small squeeze working his newest wardrobe piece.
It's from last year's Manor Massacre movie, The Device, and yes... the shadow says "Devil." We are totally okay with our angelic baby boy wearing a shirt that says "devil" because it's cool. And we'd do just about anything for "cool."



  1. EZ is totally saying "is it worf it, let me work it..." in that first photo.

  2. you're totally a sewing master. love this. graham has a million old band shirts that would be fun to make baby style some day. i'm coming to you for help if/when!

  3. i deem you queen of the sewing machine.