Thursday, April 19, 2012

somebody new

There is nothing in the world like welcoming a new baby. The softest skin, the squishiest face, the slap happy faces of brand new parents.  The sun seems brighter, families seem closer, and love feels deliciously tangible. 

I was privileged to be there for Brady & Megan's story yesterday as they welcomed sweet baby Leo. And oh my word is he ever so sweet. Rock star hair and big 'ol lips ringing in at 8.5 lbs of squish. It was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed in my life.

Birth is amazing. Becoming a mother. A father.  A family. It's the most amazing & the most important thing we do.

Smiles cannot be wiped from the faces of the Berrett/Thorup clan. A baby! Little Leo! We are all so insanely happy.  And EZ is stoked... he needed a BFF Thorup cousin to raise hell and cause mischief. Oh the fun that will be had...

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