Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 2012

March seemed to last forever (but in a good way.)

The first half of the month sped by with the arrival of a brand new (2nd) cousin and BFF for EZ (hi Corbin!), a lot of time spent outside (with sweaters), and too many games of drawsomething to count. The second half of the month lasted a good, long time as we spent more time outside (without sweaters... hell-o there spring!), flexed our social skills with friends & neighbors, and played even more games of drawsomething.

Matt's company released 2 apps (and a 3rd just a few days into April) and we are all pleased as punch. President's Run, Brrrd Brawl, and NERF. I'll post more details later - but they are all available in the app store! (So go and download them, yo!) He spent many nights through-out March working on his 3D modeling skills, and was even a runner-up in a contest for his monster pug!  So proud. He played single dad for a weekend while his lady went to Vegas on a girl's trip, took all of us to an "aquarium" (which was really a fish store... and free... but still cool!), and looked ever so handsome with that beard. He took me out on quite a few dates this month, started to plan for another Halloween film (or at least preview), & drank a green smoothie at least 4 days a week.

Carla was obviously the lady previously mentioned that went to Vegas for a girl's trip. It deserves its own post, but just a head's up- it was GREAT.  And when I say "Carla", I actually mean me. Since I am the one writing this. Right. I spent most of March being mesmerized by EZ. That freaking kid! I took thousands of pictures of his sweet face and cannot get enough. I also upped by work-out agenda and started to get serious about training for my up-coming half marathon in June. I continued meeting my sister at the gym 4xs a week @ 6am and made batches of green smoothies each Sunday for the following week. (She posted some info about it since I never got around to writing it down.) Health & wellness is the name of the game around these parts. We are 3 months strong and not slowing down. I cooked more in March, and made some pretty great meals (crock-potter4life.) I also spent quite a few nights sewing, gathering new upholstery supplies & ideas (and finished my chairs), and hung out with a lot of my pregnant friends (because I really do have so many right now... babies babies babies!)

Ezekiel Red is of course the star of the month (like ... you know... always.)  It seems like in March he really owned his hilarity. He did the strangest & most awesome things that would have everyone gut busting. He went from 7 to 8 months old, ate a lot of delicious food (pickles! blueberries! whole wheat muffins! socks! hands! a taste of ice-cream!) and cut his two bottom teeth (ouch.) His favorite place to hang out is his high chair...or maybe our bed in the mornings. He found a love for straws & water bottles, rolled all over the place, let his mother play dress-up with him a few times, and out-grew the sweetest pajamas (the only time I've ever felt sad about his clothing.)  His coordination is improving every single day, and by the end of March he had changed from fist-grabbing to finger-grabbing. He also has figured out how to roll in any direction to get to an object of desire. It's all very impressive. He still has a laid back personality,  seems to have really acute hearing, and is most definitely a lover not a fighter. But is a screecher when the moment requires. Squaaawwwk!

Guido loves EZ's high chair, too. Or mostly all of the falling scraps.  Those two are continuing to become quite the pair... awake or asleep :)
Precious, right? Happens daily. 

We ended the month with a cuddle fest, new church clothes, General Conference, and feeling totally satisfied with a month well done.
  Oh, and these great pictures of all three of us crazies juntos :)

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  1. yeah draw something!

    and that little ez just melts my heart. his facial expressions are priceless!