Sunday, April 29, 2012

happy 9 months, sweezy

Sweet + EZ... get it? 

Oh, you.

My little baby boy.

We are 2 weeks and 2 days past the "longer out than in."

And it does feel like longer. Pregnancy has been almost forgotten and given way to squishy, open mouthed kisses and big, cheeky grins.

9 months old. There are so many things I think I'll never forget, but as is always the case... I will.  I am trying my best to keep record. Your record. Words and pictures and lingering glances trying to savor every drop. 

You are a details man. You play with a single strand of my hair and pass it back and forth between your chubby hands. You gently stroke your eyelashes while nursing. You study my tiny necklace strand and grip it tightly. You understand where a binkie belongs (in anyone's mouth... yours, mine, dad's, even guido's...), you know exactly where the balls are stored in your elephant toy, and you have a very special place in your heart for water bottles. Oh water bottles! How EZ loves thee.

And your grip. Holy smokes it's strong and determined.  And I love your hands. Watching your hands these past 9 months is my favorite way to spend time. We're long past the what-are-these and deep into the look-what-i-can-do-with-these. Just last week after your nap when you were focused so intently on making your hands do the waving motion, I honestly had to pinch myself to believe this is real. It's just nuts how awesome it is.

We took a 4 week intro to water class this month and it was a smashing (or splashing?) success. My favorite was to lean your head against my cheek and let you float on your back as we moved about the pool. You were relaxed and comfortable in the water which didn't surprise me since relaxed and comfortable is basically how you live your entire life. 

You are a lover, EZ. I hope that sticks around. Because we sure love you.

As big as the sky & as wide as the sea.


Mama + Daddy


  1. So many great nicknames for your man! Nine months?! Wowzer.

    p.s. I wish we had another blogger get together planned in June. The anticipation of it really made my Summer come quicker! :)

  2. Carla I love this. Of course I am crying. Because sweezy is so perfect and because of how much you love him. Also the nicknames don't hurt (we may or may not already have nicknames for our unborn child)

    1. you are the sweetest. and nick names are where it's at!

  3. Seriously, can he get any cuter?!