Monday, April 9, 2012

the first one kills me dead

Some shots from our Sunday.

EZ has had a cough for the past few days, and then Saturday eve and early Sunday morning he threw up. No bueno. So we woke up Easter morning to a rosy-cheeked, sick boy (who was surprisingly in good spirits.) We hopped around (well, Matt hopped while EZ and I laughed) to find the family Easter basket. Then we took him to the clinic to make sure he wasn't sicker than a normal cold (he's fine... just sick & sad. And this is the first time he's been sick, so not bad in 8 months... but still very very sad.) An hour of church, then straight to bed for the sick boy. A nice dinner with the Thorups, a warm bath, and an early bed time. His poor cheeks stayed pink all day, but maybe that's beacuse he wanted to be more like a bunny? Rosy cheeks... two teeth... sounds awfully rabbit-like to me.

{And a Happy Birthday shout-out to my 38 week pregnant sister-in-law MEGGIE POO. Have that baby already! EZ wants to snug his cuz.}


  1. Happy Easter, you guys!
    (P.S. I have that same skirt and I lurve it.)

    1. it's because we're both cool! and happy easter to you. (i start reading divergent tonight - so we'll talk when i'm finished!)

  2. that first picture! ooh ez. and that cardigan with the shoulder pads? you kids and your good style. all of you.

  3. that first one really is to die for. all of them really. sorry about all the sickness :(

  4. seriously. LOVE your fam. also love that skirt!!

  5. that first one is killing me too!

  6. Ok, where did Matt get that tie? It's so great!