Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a boy and his dog

As EZ gets closer to crawling, Guido gets more & more nervous.

I think Guido knows that his time of being the bully is almost over, and he's really living it up. Licks all up in EZ's grill all.the.time. Steals toys and food and socks. Jumps and plays right next to EZ so occasionally he can kick or step on him (like tonight... when Guido totally stepped on EZ's face. Whoops.)

That dog still drives me bonkers on a daily basis with his naughty antics. BON.KERS.

But by golly EZ likes him. Loves him, really. He cannot get enough.

And then I find a picture like this....

Which reminds me an awful lot of this....

And I am so glad they have each other.

Crazy, happy eyes and all.


(and will you check out those two teeth! they are so cute... albeit painful. for both of us.}


  1. hahahahahahaha you must laugh all day at those two. this is hilarious and that first picture {along with the last two} had me DYING!!! Guido's all, "What's he gonna do?! I know he's gonna move at any second!"

  2. hahahahha gueazy. hahahhahahahah.
    those pictures.
    i'm dying.
    i'm serious.
    it's a good thing no one is in the office today.