Sunday, April 15, 2012

an anni weekend

+dunford, family of 3.
+our very nice (and a little crazy in a good way) neighbor gave us a vase of flowers while congratulatory (and sometimes funny) messages were communicated all day (thanks, people.)
+my feet grew during pregnancy so my personal rick cloning shoes didn't fit and i had to rent. (ew) it was fun to be up on the wall again, but boy howdy we were ruuuusty. (we were members for the first 2 years of marriage... and both a few L B's lighter... it seemed much easier back then.)
+motherboy matching outfits with papa shoulder rides.

holler to 5 years


  1. rick cloning.. ha! hilarious. speaking of funny, that text message is awesome!

    glad you guys had a happy one!

  2. I think I like you guys. and happy anniversary!

  3. hollerrrrrrr. that's exciting! five is a good number. it's the best number. i'm glad you had fun rick cloning!