Friday, March 23, 2012

swing swing swing

we're up, we're down, we're up.
the weather, the mom, the baby.

one day we're having the best time swinging at the park in 65 degree weather, the next day it snows. one minute i'm cool as a cucumber during rush hour traffic, the next minute i'm screaming {rather loudly} in my car at the dumbest.drivers.ever that are making the worst.decisions.ever as i leave the parking lot of the store. one hour our sweet zeke is flashing his charming smiles & laughs, the next he's cranked-out over his two bottom teeth ferociously cutting through his gums.

even the most level headed person has crazy weeks.

hormones, i say!

teething, i say!

weather, i say!

and good 'ol bearded papa is handling it all rather nicely. well, as nicely as i'll let him. (unfortunately he's not immune to my cray cray weeks... he actually gets the brunt of it. feel sorry for the ginger in the house!)

let's try this blogging thing again next week when a saner version of myself returns.


  1. amen to the weather and crappy drivers. poor ginger. their kind always seems to be on the receiving end of crazy times. i hope this weekend is sunny for you three in every sense.

    and yes, people miss the myspace. it's true. i've seen them.