Friday, March 9, 2012

padded walls!

Sometimes we play in his crib instead of on the floor because Guido can't get to him. And because it's so comfy! HELLO PADDED WALLS.  He sits! stands! falls! rolls! squirms! smiles! laughs! and today discovered BALLS! Colored BALLS! Good thing I'm talking about my sweet, innocent boy so nobody gets off track by saying balls.

Do you see those legs? D -licious. And that belly! And that face! EZ's got it going on. And do we spy some reddish hair coming in? Slowly but surely we will have a strawberry blonde on our hands.

Matt just arrived with dessert and a movie. Happy weekending!

1 comment:

  1. phew.. i'm glad you cleared up the "colored balls" bit. i was a bit worried. :)

    love his nursery and his round little head.