Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's my sister's birthday!

This is me and my older sister, Melina.  Today is her 29th BIRTHDAY!!  When we were little we used to share a room (and even a big bed for a while.)  One day she was mad at me and pulled all of my clothes out of the dresser and scattered them around our room. When I went to get our mom and show her what Melina had done, all of the clothes were gone (so it looked like I was a tattle tale for no reason.)   After our mom left the room, she showed me that she'd shoved all of them back into my drawers haphazardly (and even some under the bed/covers and in the closet.)  What a sneaky older sister. She was also the first person I used a very naughty swear word against. And I used to wear her clothes all the time without asking (you see, I caught on to her sneaky ways as well) until I grew too tall.  We fought as much as we loved. We are the same as much as we are different.

She and I both had babies last year (less than 3 months apart). She is my best friend and we see each other at least 4 times a week at 6:00 a.m. to work out together. And the other 3 days of the week usually have at least a phone call, some texts, or a stop by. We only live 5 minutes apart, have the same sugar cravings, and say the same expressions (with the same sounding voice.) I have a lot of really great sisters-in-law, but only 1 real sister. And I am so glad to have her!

As a birthday treat, I am asking anyone out there reading this to go to Facebook and "like" her business, Fancy Fabric Flowers. She creates beautiful fabric flowers (corsages! bouquets! boutonnieres!) for HS Dances, Weddings, Birthday parties... any event really! Her site & facebook page have all sorts of info & pictures!  So please, as a favor to me & a birthday present for her, go "like" her Fancy Fabric Flowers page and maybe she'll even do a giveaway soon!

Happy Birthday, Melina!!

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