Sunday, March 4, 2012

hey matt!

thanks for straightening the sheets every night before bed. you know how much i hate tangled sheets. and how much i love pretend running while you shake the sheet out. so great.

and thanks for the new blog banner. a tandem bike! a baby! a dog!

you really get me.


  1. I love your new header! So cool. Way to go, Matt!

  2. tandem bikes rock my world, one day i'll own one!

  3. yes, finally someone who gets my fear of tangled sheets. graham totally grumbles though because he says "what's the point, you're just got get them all tangled up again when sleeping." i have to have a bed made before sleeping in it. have to!

    and hollah to the new banner. rad.rad.rad.

  4. LOVE the new header. Talented husband you have there, but you already knew that. And I absolutely LOVE that picture.

  5. so cute. love the header a lot bit.