Monday, March 5, 2012

friday night date

Matt and I decided to hire some sitters and go on a hot date.

It was the most original idea ever!

I pulled out all the stops to impress my bearded, 3D artist, stripe-wearing husband. Chambray, stripes, knit, red lips, fake glasses, skinny jeans tucked into boots! It was all there.  We were a walking advertisement for the blogger slash hipster mama&papa revolution.

We went to dinner and we ate burgers and fries. BURGERS and FRIES, you guys.

And then there was some bickering. Possibly about tones of voice or parking spaces. BICKERING!

Then we went to see a movie. A MOVIE! (The Lorax, and it was so colorful and great.) We ate popcorn and held hands and even kissed in front of kids!

Afterwards we went home, paid the sweet 14 year old girls that had just finished watching Tangled, and fell asleep all before 11:30. But not before EZ woke up and watched an episode of Parks & Recs with us.

I mean, have you ever heard of anything more exciting??

Ok ok. Maybe I was exaggerating just a titch. 

And maybe by "most original" I actually meant the most normal date ever.

^Normal is fantastic ^

1 comment:

  1. i love the sarcasm and the hot lipstick. sounds like a great date to me (and yes, there's always a little bickering on our part too. dude the tone of voice always gets me.)