Thursday, March 29, 2012

freckles are aligned

I've been a wee bit off-my-rocker the last 2 weeks. Or if I use my sister-in-law Megan's verbiage I might be considered bat-sh*t-crazy. She always does know how to say things just so

I know it's got to do with hormones and exhaustion and all the factors of just plain life, but I can't seem to shake it. I even took a pregnancy test (NEGATIVE) just to see if I could actually blame this roller coaster on anything. I'll just chalk it up to hormones and emotions and all that other womanly stuff that (on occasion) we can use as an excuse. Oh, to have a uterus!

And now I will do a #husbandbrag right here on this blog.

Over a month ago I decided EZ and I would go to a mommy & me swim class. I invited my girlfriend & her sweet baby boy to join us and I was so looking forward to it! All month long I've been excited for April.  And then I totally FORGOT TO SIGN UP. And it starts next week and of course it's full. And I felt devastated. Over a 4 week swim class that is really inconsequential since EZ won't even remember any itty bitty bit of it. However, a woman in the throes of such an emotional roller coaster can't see reason or logic or adaptation requirements, and so I melted down at work and had to pretend I was on a pumping break so no one would see me cry. Over a swimming class. And it was ALL MY FAULT.  So obviously it means that I may just be a terrible mother that can't provide meaningful experiences for her child. (So dramatic!)

I text Matt that I was just so bummed and couldn't believe how much this class (obviously) meant to me. And I dissed my stupidity & procrastination & how I was failing at life. (Seriously... dramatic!)

Two hours later Matt called me up to tell me he got me in. To the class.  He spoke to the Aquatic director (and 2 people before her) and basically pleaded with her to open one more spot to the class (and probably explained the embarrassing situation of his forgetful/hormonal wife) and guess what? He did it. Why?

"Because I just like it when you are happy. And I figured, you could really use a win right now."

Oh my hells bells. I started crying again at work (of course I did) because it was so sweet. So.flippin.sweet. He cares so much about the tiny, inconsequential things in my life that make me happy just as much as the big, important things. What a man. What a freakin' man.


  1. sorry about life being crazy and hormonal and nuts. but that line. that, "i just like it when you are happy." melted my heart. what a good man. you're a lucky one carla.

  2. that is stinking adorable!! husbands are the greatest invention ever, aren't they? :)

  3. That's so fricking cute. What a mighty fine man.

  4. good job, matt! bonus points for you! carla i hope you made it up to him (wink wink) :)

    and hormones suck. why do we have to them on top of everything else we go through monthly. it's ridic.

  5. Oh gosh. Good job, Matt. Tender, tender. Cute header too.

  6. I love me a good man! Way to go, Matt, for being a man and taking charge!

  7. that is a great husband story. good job on finding a great man! and hooray for the swim class! i bet ez will remember EVERYTHING about it!

  8. I love this story and it actually almost brought tears to my eyes (we're all emotional and hormonal, Carl!). I'm so glad that you get to be in the swim class with that handsome little guy. He's adorable and is getting cuter and cuter each day. Those faces! Those eyes!

    I just love the way the world works. You and Matt are perfect for each other and everyone else I know who is happily married is perfect for their spouse. It boggles my mind how two totally different people can fit so perfectly together- and it happens all the time. I love it! (I don't know how to talk or use words. I should have had you, Abby, Kate, Robin, etc. try to convey my thoughts :).

  9. melted my heart right down to a puddle of mush. but really. sweetest husband ever.