Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February 2012

February sort of seems like old news since March has already been so good to us.

But February did treat us right.

We enjoyed 29 days of fabulous weather (I think only 1 snow storm the whole month.) We made a lot of chocolate chip cookies, went swimming for Vday, and we hung out with each other a lot.

I took more cell phone pictures than real pictures, and didn't manage to get a picture of me and Matt together. Or me, Matt, and EZ together. C'mon.

Play by play update this time:

EZ got real good at sitting// and continued to snack on toes (not always his own...)
 He got so tired he fell asleep 4.3 seconds after a diaper change//and we went to the zoo!
 He was equal parts exhilarated//terrified of being with various family members
He showed tasteful crack & back chub//and also continued furrowing his brow
 He perfected the "flash face" whenever I brought out the camera
 He had a few cranky moments// and we ate pancakes every Sunday!
The tooth that we thought was cutting in January went completely away so...jokes on us! We learned he likes chunky avocados and frozen bananas, still loves pears the most (but probably tied with mangoes), and was a stellar baby for his sitters while I worked. (Thanks C-mama and Melanie!)

Matt did a lot more art in February (and he just recently blogged about it). I continued my running & exercise schedule. And we both read a book (or two) and made sure the Guido dog still felt the love.

And there you have it. A successful Leap Year Month.


  1. ooh ez. his faces get me every time. sounds/looks like february was a good month. here's to march and then, SUMMER!

  2. that flash face is killing me. it's like..wait for it.. wait for it.. bam. :)

    he's getting big, carla! sad and happy all at once.

    (and p.s. way cool you've seen guster multiple times!! they were a little crazy but way fun!)

  3. one snow storm all month? that seems so crazy. do we really live in utah? most confusing winter ever. by the way, i love these monthly recaps you do. my iphone has taken over my camera life. i seriously never use my camera anymore.

  4. sounds like a fantastic leap year month to me! especially since it involved that flash face...so stinking cute!