Monday, March 12, 2012

before/after (almost 2 years in the making)

Once upon a time (in the year 2010) a young girl bought 2 chairs from a yonder-ksl-website with hopes of fixing them up real shiny. With vim & vigor she set out to paint and upholster the chairs to make them complete. After a dutiful search for paint and the just right fabric, she actually got one done! And pretty quickly!

And then she got pregnant. And got tired.

And then she had a baby. And got obsessed.

And the 2nd chair, the match to the set, was forgotten about.

Dust and sadness and neglect settled over the chair.

HOWEVER! This is not where the story ends, thankfully.

After just two days of work and blisters and sweat and tears (but mostly just focused work and not many tears and only 1 small blister) it was complete. The chairs were reunited! A set! Of two!

And the first chair was actually a little jealous of the second chair because it was finished nicer. Cleaner. Mature-er. But that doesn't matter really, since they were together & finished & happy.

Praise be.
Maybe there is hope for more in this girl's future after all.
(And if not, at least she has 2 finished chairs.)



  1. well aren't those the prettiest things ever.

  2. Those are so cute!! I just ADORE that fabric!