Tuesday, February 28, 2012


he's watching a video of himself.
what a narcissist (possibly inherited from his mother...)

the house is mostly clean, the laundry is almost done, and i'm feeling very sluggish today. i don't have any ideas for dinner (or any desire to make anything), i can't get into my book (the hobbit), and i'm feeling rather blah.

"the future belongs to god... if you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. and, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better." -the alchemist

matt and i talked last night about idleness. we determined idleness is a very tricky chain that binds us. it's tricky because often times you don't really think you're being idle, when in reality you are.

i'm feeling idle. and not present. and not focused. and fuzzy. and tired.

i probably need a nap, a chicken gyro, and quite possibly a good cry.

and for someone to take all of the flippin' screens away. iPhone, iPad, TV, Computer (ironic since i'm using one now... i know.) oy. tooooooooo attached.

also a vacation wouldn't hurt. maybe to the mountains or southern utah or a fine sand beach in mexico. yeah, mexico. that'd be fantastico, por favor.


  1. Ugh....I totally understand today. I am putting that quote up in my house. Thanks for the boost to be non idle and attached to everything electric...because of course I'm sitting on my iPad begging someone to post something interesting. Stupid electronics. I'm going to go sew something. You go get that chicken gyro.... You deserve it.

  2. oh my gahhhhhsh. he's such a little man!

    and i vote vacay. do it.

  3. Amen. I agree. We're totally idle and have way to many distractions (see: phones, computer, laptop, tv). Bleh. I feel the same way too. I think it's February. Goodness.. one more day and then we're into a Springish month! Hollah!

  4. ez and i have the same face when we watch videos of ourselves.
    i need it too. the disconnect.
    let's be friends without screens.
    kind of like doctors without borders but so much better.

    1. .. bloggers without borders. i like it becuase it sounds like an oxy moron.

      maybe i'll host a hang out at my house for a few of the regulars that live in SLC?

  5. Dude. I was totally feeling the same way the past few days, then today I totally did a 5.10 climbing AND got an 85% on a hard test and I was like "Oh yeah, I'm awesome!"

    We are going to Zions in April for some mountaineering (I guess canyonnerring!) want to come?

    Oh yeah, your awesome!

    1. you are awesome! and i miss climbing so much. we have a date planned to go this weekend! (if i remember how and my shoes still fit...)

      don't kid about an invite to Zions! we will almost always say yes. i'll email to get dates and what not to see if it's possible.

      and i am awesome, thanks for the reminder! hide yo kids, hide yo wife!