Sunday, February 12, 2012

that is all i'm taking with me*

sometimes i wish i could compartmentalize my memories.

kind of like cleaning out an old room full of stuff.

keep forever (& ever & ever.)
keep for 3 years.
keep for 5 years.
keep for 20 years.
keep on the top shelf because it's nice to remember on occasion.
shred. shred never to be seen again.

i've had too much of the shred pile on my brain this week. unfortunately, it can't actually be shredded never to be thought of again. bittersweet memories.* blasted brain.

this is probably on account of being busier than normal. and the house has been so dirty. and i worked way more than normal. and we chose reading over sleeping. and sensitive over logical.  and eating-out over eating-in. and this over that. and that over this. and. and. and.  tired.

but today has been good. like a mental cleanse. matt wore a cardigan and ez wore suspenders and i 'bout burst of cuteness seeing them snugged together. (keep forever pile.) and we ate edna mae's sour cream pancakes for breakfast (bless you pdub). and listened to whitney houston*. and we made funny valentines. and went to a sweet v-day family dinner. and we have plans for ribs and potatoes and maybe a box of chocolates on tuesday.  and an early bedtime all week long.

this was pre-cardi obv.  and hells bells this kid is getting ch to the ubby.
($ to d-bag jar for using cardi... new girl? so funny.)


  1. Oh my he is getting so big!

    Okay, New Girl. We didn't like the first few episodes but the last few have made up for it. We were crying over the "I don't wash the towel the towel washes me!" bit.

  2. What do you want me to do next wash the shower?!

  3. Just pick a color of crocs and buy them already.

    Okay I'm done.

    1. seriously hilarious. i'm so glad you went with all 3 parts of that episode because it was the greatest part thus far. (and i totally agree on the first few being meh - but since then it's been hilarious.) we built this schmidty on tootsie roll!

  4. ha.. i'm laughing about kate's comment(s) ^^

    i love moments that you want to keep forever and ever. it's the best.

    and your men are so handsome. love those suspenders and shoes on ez!