Thursday, February 23, 2012

sketches from the man that shares my bed.

i haven't bragged about Matticus for a while (because all my brain speaks is baby now, apparently.)  remember the clay head? or the pumpkin head? or perhaps his mad hair growing skills?

well here are a few of his recent sketches. these probably took him a few minutes while we were watching an episode of tv. minutes. unbelievable.

he's got a huge... talent!

(^moulin rouge, of course. we totally made-out to that movie our first valentine's day together 11 years ago. phew that makes me feel old... and frisky? good 'ol PG kisses of wee 16 year old kids. oh, the memories.)


  1. haha i totally knew that moulin rouge reference and it made me laugh. out loud.
    and yes... he is mad talented. really though, i am super impressed.

  2. Matt is my hero. Carla is my hero. I'm sure EZ will be my hero shortly. It's amazing to know such remarkable people! Love you bunches!

  3. That is some mad skill! Seriously. [There was about to be a Linsanity pun attempt here, but you've been spared. Be grateful.]

  4. Matt needs more blog time... EZ can me such a blog whore. sheesh.