Thursday, February 16, 2012

january 2012

As I think back to the first month of this new year, I realize that it was about as normal a month as they come.  EZ grew like a squishy weed, Matt lost like 10 pounds (in 1 month... whatever nbd) as he gave up Dr. Pepper and started running again, and I started a scheduled regime (with my sister, Melina) to exercise 4 times a week and eat more green things. Actually, we all ate more green things this month and are going to try to stick with that for the rest of the year our lives.

EZ ushered in his half birthday at the end of the month, and with it started cutting his first tooth (the front, bottom, left.) He still sleeps like a freakin' champ & eats like he's starving every 3-4 hours. He started attempting to sit up by himself, tried a lot of new food, posed for a lot of great photos, and continued being our favorite form of entertainment. Movie, anyone? No no... we'll just watch our kid for 2 hours, thanks. He also learned how to squish faces, suck on cheeks & chins, grab everything in sight, and is starting to be super interested in Guido. As much as I hate when Guido licks my boy's face, EZ laughs so hard it's difficult to be mad. I can see best friends in the works (although there will be some casualties- see below picture.) AND DON'T THINK FOR ONE SECOND I FORGOT ABOUT MY CAPS GOAL. THERE ARE PLENTY OF TIMES I STILL WANT TO USE CAPS TO EXPLAIN OUR FEELINGS ABOUT OUR BOY. FEELINGS! BOY! HAPPY!

In January I got in a fight with the 24-hour stomach flu and lost, hosted book club at my house (I  freaking love my book club) where we read (and saw) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and I also took a gajillion photos of that kid. Oh how I still love that kid. I finally signed up for a half marathon (the Utah Valley half in June) and got serious about a schedule. I better get used to 5:30am wake up calls. I read 2 books, started a 3rd, and found my library card again. Along with working part time, mothering, instagramming, and laundering, I also started making baby food and even sewed a bit. Hello, Domestic Goddess! (hardy har har)

Matt (like I previously mentioned) owned his weight loss goal. He had some sympathy weight left over from pregnancy and decided to give up the Dr. to make it happen. And boy did it happen quickly. He also lost the fight with the 24-hour stomach flu, kept his face hairless, worked hard on some new iPhone games at work (yet to be released but coming soon), and won the prize for being the world's best looking & most fantastic father. {But he earns that every month.} Oh! And he turned 27 years old like a flippin' man.

Way to bring it, January.


  1. teach me how to be domestic and dedicated enough to train for a half-marathon.

  2. I need a nice camera....blogging seems so much easier with awesome pics. Gotta pay for a baby though. Or is a nice camera a baby expense? I think it should be. January looks awesome. Kiss EZs adorable squishy face for us. He's growing to fast.... I can't stand it.

  3. i second what brissa says.
    i also want to learn to be half as cool as you & your adorable family. and yes i'm cutting my desires in half because in reality i would love to be as equally cool as you guys but i realize no such thing can happen. nothing can touch your coolness. nothing.